If you have any questions about your artwork please contact our art department.


We prefer to receive artwork in the following formats:

  • adobe illustrator (*.ai)
  • encapsulated post script (*.eps)
  • portable document format (*.pdf)

300dpi or more at final print size for the following formats:

  • adobe photoshop (*.psd) – include layers!
  • tagged image format (*.tif) - include layers!

.JPG’s are generally not acceptable for quality reproduction work. Microsoft Word, Publisher and PowerPoint are also not acceptable formats. Files that do not meet these specifications are subject to artwork charges after review. Please leave all artwork in layers, outline or rasterize your fonts, and assign desired pantone colors were able. Use our standard colors in your artwork if appropriate to ensure best pricing..


Please submit your art files sized to your intended print size. We recommend that you design artwork at the final size rather than scaling it up as the last step.


Due to the vast number of available fonts, please convert all type to outlines in Illustrator in order to ensure that we can properly view your art. This is a simple command that converts the type into a shape that is universally recognizable, and will ensure that your art looks the same across all screen types.

All measurements are width x height:
  • Adult unisex garments: 12" x 15"
  • Fitted women’s garments and youth shirts: 11" x 14"
  • Women’s boy-beater tank tops and toddler: 9" x 15"
  • Infant garments: 6" x 10"
  • Sleeve prints: 3.5" x 14"

Oversized Prints and All Over Prints will be quoted on request.


You can transmit artwork to us in a number of ways:

  • Ask us to set up a DropBox shared folder for you.
  • complete our estimate request form and upload artwork from that page
  • email files (10MB or less please!)
  • Contact Us for other methods including FTP

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